Ultana Phytoplankton 60 Capsules

ULTANA™ Phytoplankton offers a sustainable, plant-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA
& DHA) in a highly bioavailable wholefood form. A formulation of multiple marine microalgae strains,
ULTANA™ delivers more than 75 nutrients, making it a wholefood alternative to synthetic multivitamins.

ULTANA™ Phytoplankton
is a wholefood multi and omega supplement, all in one!


Recommended daily intake: 1 capsule daily in the morning.

Ultana Phytoplankton is a whole phytoplankton product, which is freeze dried after cultivation using a special process which removes the strong taste and smell from the product.

100% Vegan

100% Non-GMO

High in Omega 3 EPA

High in Phospholipids

Rich in Zeaxanthin & Pigments

Over 20 essential Mega Minerals

Over 10 essential Vitamins

Full spectrum Protein with all essential Amino Acids.



ULTANA Phytoplankton is gram for gram the most complete and nutrient-rich whole-food on the planet. Our unique multi-strain product formulation offers over 75 different lipids, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients in each microscopic cell.

In particular ULTANA Phytoplankton offers a premium quality plant-based source of Omega 3 EPA, making ULTANA Phytoplankton a natural, sustainable, vegetarian alternative to fish and krill oil.

Phytoplankton has been shown to contain high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that can decrease the risk of oxidation, toxicity, and inflammation.

This synergistic phytoplankton powder formulation is possibly the most potent natural whole-food on the planet, in terms of nutritional profile and diversity.

The strains are produced to strict food grade standards in controlled production facilities. We also adhere to strict GMP quality standards such as ISO.22000 certification and IFS International Food Standard certification.

Try our amazing unique Phytoplankton powder product today and experience the ULTANA Phytoplankton difference that this product can bring to your health and general wellbeing!

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