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I am very blessed to have met and collaborated with Maria Maraveli, founder of Realignment Therapy.  After discovering the complementary nature of our approach and practice, in 2015 we developed ‘Glow Within Journeys’ and the ‘Glow Within Combination’. By bringing our skills together into this uniquely holistic ‘Glow Within’ treatment, we can initiate the person to awaken on all levels – physical, spiritual and emotional.

The Glow Within vision is to enable individuals to find their inner glow and beauty.  It is an innovative holistic approach, delivering a deep cleanse and achieving balance in mind and body through the benefits of combining Colonic Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Realignment therapy.

Why combine these therapies?

Relaxation is the first step on our journey towards transformation, as our body needs to rest in order to bring about clarity and allow our nurturing needs to become apparent. Observing and listening to our body enables us to let go of past memories or worries about the future, and to enjoy each moment. A deep cleanse through hydrotherapy complements this aspect of ‘letting go’ and, together with hypnotherapy, helps us to accept how we are in the present moment.

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This combination treatment creates a gentle and relaxed environment where we feel safe and can be motivated to make all the necessary steps towards a realignment of our physical, spiritual and emotional selves, achieving any transformation we desire.

Glow Within was conceived, designed and developed by two experienced and successful therapists in their field, colonic hydrotherapist Ruth Freeman together with hypnotherapist and energy healer Maria Maraveli. The unique Glow Within Combination treatment and the 14 day or 21 day Glow Within Journeys, will provide you with comfort and relaxation in mind and body, in a safe and nurturing environment.