I can't put into words what a breath of fresh air, Ruth is. Straight talking and with so much information and knowledge to freely pass in general conversation. She is my angel:) and I don't want to reveal too much incase she becomes too busy for me!!
J Prosser
"I had my colon hydrotherapy with Ruth, she was extremely professional, warm, kind and compassionate. The space was incredibly clean. I felt safe in Ruth’s hand and highly recommend her to anyone wishing to try colon hydrotherapy"
Jennifer O
"I have been seeing Ruth regularly for Colonic Hydrotherapy for nearly a decade. She is a true healer and after trying other practitioners I can say that she is by far the best at what she does. Always calm and caring, and a great person to talk to as well!"
Nicholas M
"Best Colonic Ive ever had-and Ruth could not be more helpful and enjoyable".
Amy G
"Very friendly make me fell comfortable enjoyed my first time colonic hydrotherapy"
M Siangfung
"Friendly, caring, and kind!"
K Reed
"Ruth has an amazing knowledge about the stomach and family"
Celina B
"Safe, comfortable, clean, and protected"
Karen R
"Exceptional in all ways"
A Guttman
"Super friendly and very personable. Made it a very comfortable experience and I was extremely impressed with the level of care and compassion I received."
Matilda E
Thank you so much Madam Ruth for having me yesterday .I felt refresh and energise.I slept soundly last night.And when I woke up this morning ,I felt so different.Looking forward to seeing you soon for my second session.
Maria A
Ruth put me at ease, it felt like I was talking to a friend I have known for years. Thank you Ruth. You haven't seen the last of me.
M Howell
I can sleep well now and my tummy is not bloated anymore. I noticed from my 1st session my skin become hydrated.Thank you Ruth.You are very calm and nice to talk with.Looking forward for my 3rd session.
M T Austria
Ruth is amazing. She knows her gut stuff so well. I’ve been twice so far and the colonic treatments have really helped my bloated stomach. I feel healthier in my gut, my skin is looking great. And her space is so clean. Highly recommend.
A Appiah
This was my first time experience having a colonic, and Ruth was just an absolute angel during the whole process. She makes you feel instantly relaxed, and gives you a tailored experience to your bodies needs. Her facility in Monument is clean, relaxing, and in a very convenient location. I am now a devout colonic regular and have never felt better! I keep raving to all my friends about her and they are now going to see her. Thanks Ruth xx
Courtney M
The best “poo whisperer” ever!
P Stacey
"Not only is Ruth an excellent human being you will receive an excellent result from your session with her."
Angela C
Ruth is so lovely and really makes you feel at ease. I’ve had similar treatments elsewhere and will only be going to Ruth going forward. She’s great!
E Pyall
Brilliant service - highly recommend!
Jessica G
I’ve already recommended this service to family and friends. I felt so comfortable at my first colonic experience thanks to the lovely Ruth who put me right at ease with her warm personality and empathic manner. What could potentially have been an excruciatingly embarrassing experience was turned into one of fascination and self empowerment. Thank you! I’ll definitely be back .
Diane G
I loved my massage at the cleansing space. Ruth was very intuitive and asked me the right questions before our session. It felt very safe and relaxing and i feel better afterwards. I will be going back again.
Basia A
Ruth has a really lovely manner. She makes you feel relaxed and welcome within seconds. Her treatment is general in approach. You are in great hands with Ruth.
L Sherrard
Ruth makes you feel welcome and comfortable throughout the appointment. She is very informative and if you take on her advice and take the necessary steps, you’ll definitely notice/feel results. I was nervous attending my first appointment but had no reason to be!
R Anglin
Ruth is one of the best colonic practitioners in London. Highly recommended. Been to a few…
C Finn
Ruth is very knowledgeable and helpful. She’s great.
C Burns
Ruth is so lovely, makes you feel so comfortable. I already see a difference in how light I am on my feet
Z Seisay
Ruth is absolutely amazing. Since seeing her for treatments I have made massive progress and felt better than I could have ever imagined.
Liam Walker
I was quite nervous about having this treatment for the first time, but I was put at ease by Ruth, informed and reassured of everything she was doing. I feel so much better now, and trying to behave with my diet, breathing and drinking lots of water - it is my first day, but I hope to maintain this effort! I would recommend The Cleansing Space highly.
M Cazalet
Ruth is amazing, and be prepared for the extra light she add for your session. It's a combination of the physical and emotional, all level of "letting go"
K Rapai
Fantastic experience. Ruth has a calm and nurturing manner and completely put me at ease. I’ve already booked a follow up appointment appointment 🙂
N DePear
I felt anxious at first but Ruth's bubbly personality quickly put me at ease. She has a wealth of knowledge and no question is a silly one! I can already feel a difference after my first visit and I am looking forward to my next one with her!
E Newton
"From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I knew I was in capable hands. My colonic therapist (Ruth) was the epitome of professionalism, greeting me with a warm and reassuring presence. Her extensive knowledge was immediately apparent, as she explained the process in a way that was both thorough and easy to understand.As we proceeded with the session, her expertise shone through. She skilfully guided me through each step, ensuring my comfort and addressing any concerns I had. Her focus on my colon and stomach area was particularly impressive, demonstrating a deep understanding of the body’s intricate workings.The results speak for themselves. I left feeling rejuvenated and more in tune with my body. It’s clear that this therapist is not only passionate about her work but also genuinely committed to her clients’ well-being.Without a doubt, this is a therapeutic experience I intend to repeat. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a professional colonic therapist who truly knows her craft".
G Roberts
"Lovely clean space. Ruth was knowledgeable, professional and very caring. Highly recommend!"
Stephen M
"Amazing colonic after two years absence with the lovely professional Ruth Freeman"
J Coster
“I had been having some gut issues for a while. I have had a few colonic hydrotherapy sessions with Ruth and they have made such a difference to me. I was feeling so bloated, sluggish and generally a bit ‘meh’ but colonic hydrotherapy changed everything. I had no idea I was so dehydrated from the inside out. I leave feeling like a different person. Ruth has so much knowledge to impart too – all in service of helping create gut health and happiness. Highly recommend Ruth... I would NEVER go anywhere else!”
Clare W
"Ruth is fantastic, always feel wonderful after each treatment. She is full of great advice as well, highly recommend!"
M Mester
"Great gem in the City! The studio is super clean and welcoming and I felt very comfortable straight away in the environment. Ruth is a lovely practitioner with plenty of experience and I found her suggestions and tips extremely useful after the session, she has been also flexible with booking times and very responsive to emails so definitely glad I’ve found her!"
"As ever my session with Ruth was transformative. She is highly competent, knowledgable and professional with a calm easy presence. I highly recommend her"
Lucinda W
"I have suffered with bloating over the years and decided to visit Ruth at The Cleansing Space Clinic. She recommended that I start taking her branded The Cleansing Space probiotics, which have much higher 'good gut bacteria' than products you can buy off the shelves on the high street. In the first few weeks, my stomach was less bloated and was much flatter. My digestive system is now the best it has ever been and in addition, my sleep has improved which has led to much higher energy levels. This was an unexpected bonus so I am very happy to recommend The Cleansing Space probiotics"
Amanda C
"I have used many of The Cleaning Space products along the way and I know they use the best sourced and the highest quality ingredients only. The probiotics made a huge difference for me at the time as well as other vitamins"
Laura A
"Ruth’s an amazing practitioner and therapist. I had several colonics with her, massages and acupuncture- with excellent results. Ruth’s very holistic in her approach and tailors her techniques accordingly. I used several packets of The Cleansing Space Probiotics and I would highly recommend them to assist in part of the treatment process with the gut"
L Redfern
"I purchased some Acidophilius Probiotic and Activated Charcoal - my bloating has reduced significantly and I don't have that uncomfortable swollen feeling anymore. Thank you I am so happy I found your products"
Marta D, Birmingham
"Treatment was caring and empathetic as well as effective"
Jennifer S
"Ruth has been my colonic therapist for over 10 years. I had other therapists before her and she is honestly the best. She is very knowledgable and very intuitive which make her sessions very transformative. I used to suffer from IBS and after the first colonic session I went from daily pain to no pain for 3 weeks, eventually healing IBS completely. Colonics are not only very efficient way to eliminate toxins and healing physically but also emotionally. After each colonic I feel reenergised and with a lot of clarity. Ruth is very kind and welcoming making you feel at home. I strongly recommend her sessions".
Marta Antero
“Ruth is the best colonic practitioner out there, and believe me, I have tried many. I’ve been going to her regularly for 7+ years now and have followed her to all the various locations in London she has her clinics throughout the years. She makes the whole process comfortable and super effective, and she runs a very clean and hygienic clinic. Ruth is also a great person who is interested in your well-being. I have recommended her to friends and family.”
Julia G
"Ruth is simply amazing, her help goes far beyond the session. On top of her great knowledge, Ruth is extremely professional and helpful, can’t fault her!"
Silvia G
"Ruth made me feel welcomed I now feel completely cleansed and replenished. Nice clean and relaxing environment. Thank you"
E Russell
"Made a difficult situation much less frightening and difficult"
Stephen M
I love our conversations and always feel inspired to introduce some positive changes after my sessions."I've been having treatments with Ruth on and off for past few years. She's just fabulous at creating a safe and comfortable environment. These therapies always bring the desired results. They help me with my skin condition but I also treat them as a preventive medicine. It's important to do a deep clean from time to time"
A Hipwell
"Ruth was absolutely lovely, made me feel completely at ease, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Feel fantastic now"
A Molke

When I went to see Ruth I was pretty much at the end of my tether.

I had had extremely severe constipation for several months to the extent that laxatives were not really working and the doctors seemed not to know what to do any more. I was nervous in the first session but Ruth put me at ease. She was warm and clearly very competent. After several sessions with her I was sorted and to my great relief my bowel movements were back to normal - I am very grateful to Ruth for her help.


Ruth is one of London's best kept secrets.

Her knowledge and skill regarding hydrotherapy and cleansing is unsurpassed and her carefully selected team. Having had regular treatments for 10 months my skin, hair, eyes are now shining and I have regular bowel movements (this is a first). She has also given me invaluable advice re lifestyle and diet while I'm living with a chronic condition.

J.S London

Life before Metabolic Balance® was all about carb cravings, erratic blood sugar levels, food intolerances and energy slumps, not to mention bloating and brain fog. I started the year feeling somewhat under par, by no means unwell or overweight but I knew I wasn’t at my best.

Fast forward to 3 months of being on the MB and my health, well-being and body have transformed. I have a clear mind, more energy, sparkling eyes, smoother skin and loose waistbands! MB is certainly not a ‘restrictive diet’ but it is structured, so to get results I strongly believe you need to be committed enough to follow the rules to the best of your ability. The meals offer variety and are substantial so I never felt deprived or hungry. In addition, they can be adapted to fit around a busy lifestyle and after Phase 2 even travelling (which is part of my job). In Phase 3 you get weekly treat meals which I enjoyed without any feelings of guilt. If anything, the individual food list made it easier for me to know what to shop for and plan meals around my busy work schedule rather than getting home each evening and thinking ‘what shall I eat?’. Ruth is an amazing coach – professional, knowledgeable, approachable with a pragmatic rather than preachy approach; there to help her clients achieve the success they deserve. I found she was always available whenever I needed guidance, yet equally she gave me the freedom to just get on with it in between coaching sessions. MB is not even ‘a plan’ for me anymore – it is my lifestyle. I believe that anyone that sticks to it will not fail to get results. The time, money and effort I have invested in MB has been 100% worth it. I‘m looking forward to my 40th birthday this summer knowing that I’m the best version of myself I can possibly be, thanks to Ruth and the MB plan…

R. Malhotra, London

I booked a massage with Ruth, as I was stressed and had neck and shoulder problems.

What I got was not just relaxing and therapeutic therapy but also the warmth of her personality and genuine care, was overwhelming.

I. C London

I love the genuine care and attention I received from Ruth, 

She is an excellent practitioner and I recommend her highly for Colonic Hydrotherapy.

C.F London

Ruth was great from day one and totally relaxed me before, during and after the treatment.

I have been going back regularly now and will continue to do so. It has totally changed my life and my eating habits. I now understand after many years of fluctuating weight and bad diets, the real meaning of 'Lifestyle Change' and have embraced it. I will never be on a diet again and value the health of my internal self as well as the outside. Ruth also introduced me to Epsom Salts which have helped with my relaxation and anxiety no end, and I invested in a really good juicer, and I now have a vegetable or fruit juice every morning. 🙂

J.S Surbiton

I really felt I hit the jackpot in coming across Ruth about 6 months ago. I had neck, back and shoulder problems as well as a few other concerns around nutrition.

Within my first few minutes of meeting Ruth, she had made a number of suggestions that have totally transformed my way of thinking in terms of my health and nutrition - and I haven't even mentioned how good she is at deep tissue massage! I have never used one massage specialist regularly before but Ruth really is excellent and I have become a regular client. I love the way she treats me as an individual and helps me to think about what is best for my body, mind and soul. It is clear Ruth absolutely loves what she does and she just wants the best for whoever she is treating. I don't know what I would do without her and I cannot recommend her enough!

L.D London

Ruth has the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness so you always feel really comfortable with her.

She is also very knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and can advise on any questions you have.  Always a great experience and I would highly recommend Ruth for Colonic Hydrotherapy!

T.K London

Seeing Ruth has changed my life, before meeting her I had appalling digestion and the pain I was in was starting to rule my life.

Ruth educated me in changing my approach towards food and really helped me to understand what to eat and drink and when. Since my session with Ruth I have followed her simple advice and have lost nearly a stone in weight and now I no longer store toxins in my body for long periods of time I feel much happier and full of energy. I would recommend Ruth to anyone, her straight talking no nonsense approach really made me pay attention and I am so grateful for her enhancing my life, thank you Ruth!


I love seeing Ruth! Her vibrant energy brightens me up even before we begin the Colonic.

I find her mindful and caring throughout. As a colon hydrotherapist myself I know what it is to receive a deep and effective Colonic . This is why I choose Ruth for my regular sessions. Her knowledge and advice is sound and I highly recommend her to you. Like me I'm sure you too will always leave her clinic lighter, brighter and healthier.


I first met Ruth when a friend booked me a deep tissue massage, as a gift, over 2 years ago. Little did I know, what a positive influence she'd have on my life, when I first went to visit her.

With the various different therapies and supplements she's recommended and provided, my life and general wellbeing has dramatically improved. I recently tried a 5 day detox program, and Ruth provided a step by step guide, information and guidance, which made it easy to achieve and I saw massive results (7lb lost & skin improvement). It was my first experience of Colonic Hydrotherapy and wasn't sure what to expect. I was completely relaxed knowing I was in experienced and knowledgeable hands. I'm so pleased that I've met her and have no doubt in recommending her and her treatments.


Ruth has been my practitioner now for some 4+ years, initially for massage and now for Colonic, nutritional & all round health advice. Ruth is a generous & amazing healthcare professional who puts you to ease the moment you meet with her.

She is always up-to-date on her knowledge and full of tips and suggestions to improve and maintain my health (always take a note pad when you visit Ruth!). Following a recent very sluggish couple of weeks mentally and physically I booked to return to London from Monaco and see Ruth for a couple of appointments, guidance and advice - very soon after the treatments and putting her advice into action I am through the dark patch and feeling my usual bright and light self. I'm very honest when I say my life is hugely improved by having Ruth in it.


I first visited Ruth a month before my wedding. I have had IBS for 16 years and was used to waking up with stomach pains most days and had 2 sets of clothes in my wardrobe to cover for "bloated days", which covered at least half of each week.

My stomach pains and overall IBS had become progressively worse over the last few years and I was often feeling achy and tired, which hampered my personal and professional life. Before visiting Ruth I was concerned about how I would feel on my wedding day and honeymoon and had purposely chosen a wedding dress that would cover if I was very bloated! I had had 2 colonics three years before but was unimpressed with the results but after trying various tablets and diets without success I contacted Ruth through the Feel Good Balham website. I immediately felt at ease by Ruth's friendly approach and genuine interest in my lifestyle, work pattern and diet - within the first 10 minutes she had drawn some excellent conclusions about the causes for the increasing pains, for example my daily breakfast or fruit and yoghurt, which I believed to be healthy but was making my IBS worse! Ruth also massaged my stomach and took away the stress and awkwardness of a colonic by her warm approach. I have seen Ruth four times since and what I thought may have been a "one-off" has had lasting effects 6 months on. I was confident on my wedding day and despite all the stresses associated with the big day I did not have any stomach pains. I now visit Ruth every 4-6 weeks and better understand my diet and have altered my eating habits. I am very grateful to her for helping to make me feel more confident, with greater energy and significantly minimising my stomach pains.


The 10 day Detox is amazing. I lost 6lb, slept deeply & felt very well.

Rachel, London