Woman being massaged

Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic treatment and one of the best and most effective ways to treat muscular pain.

It uses firm-pressure designed to release tight layers of muscle and tissue, which usually develops from bad posture, injury or overuse. The treatment restores movement in the soft tissues, alleviates pain, muscle spasm and stress from the problematic area.

Deep tissue massage is very effective in treating chronic problems such as stiff necks, stiff shoulder muscles, and lower back pain. It is also highly beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort in conditions such as whiplash and after a fall or an injury.

What to Expect From a Session

Acupressure techniques and trigger points are combined with this massage to effectively release areas of tension on a deeper level. This popular massage is tailored to your individual needs.
This style of massage may sometimes cause some soreness during, or in the days following the massage. This is simply the muscles releasing stored tension and toxins and will fade within a few days.

A recommendation of an Epsom Salt bath taken at home following the treatment is a great way to encourage a deeper release of the toxins after your massage which also enhances relaxation and a sound sleep.