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What is Metabolic Balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is a healthy weight loss programme based on your blood analysis. It is a scientifically proven programme devised by medical experts with decades of research and development. The plan is tailored to meet your individual needs. Your laboratory test results highlight specific areas that may be addressed through your personal food plan. Thus, balance is restored and permanent weight adjustment is achieved.

The blood analysis means that it is completely personalised to you.

It uses only whole foods and suggests meals which are quick to prepare.

The programme supports you and teaches you how to eat right for optimal health and bring your body into balance.

Regulate your weight healthily and naturally.

Strengthen your metabolism gently and permanently.

‘Let Food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food’ – Hippocrates

In our urbanised world many of us are confused about our food choices and make the wrong decisions, leading to low nutrient intake, illness and weight gain.

Food on offer today is often rich in refined carbohydrates and empty calories, typically lacking healthy proteins and essential fats, and depriving us of vital vitamins, minerals and fibres.

Optimal hormonal balance cannot be supported without the above elements. We overproduce insulin, the main metabolic hormone and our metabolic balance goes haywire, resulting in poor health and body composition.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”  – Ann Wigmore

What does the Programme consist of?

The plan consists of four phases. Your blood test and personal data is all that is needed to start this process.

Phase 1 – consists of 2 days of preparation to prime your body for your new plan.

Phase 2 – consists of 14 days minimum, structured nutritional input, replenishing the missing nutrients and restoring vitality.

Phase 3 – time to find your rhythm, acquire new knowledge about your individual needs and reach your goal.

Phase 4 – Live your ideal lifestyle with all the tools, knowledge and accomplishments of metabolic balance.

How is MB® different to weight loss programmes?

Weight adjustment

Your daily plan is accomplished without hunger or fasting. No meal replacements, calorie counting or fat-free products, it is pure food.

Stabilised Weight

The changes brought on by the MB® encourage fat-burning helping to prevent the yo-yo effect. Once your nutritional input has been changed, by following some basic and simple rules, you have the tools to maintain an optimal weight.

Vitality and enhanced Energy

The change in your diet increases your physical and mental well-being, with a restored sense of vibrancy, and improved performance and disposition. This maybe noticed in just a few days. Fatigue and sluggishness after meals is diminished and replaced with energy and vitality. Appropriate exercise may further support the metabolic changes.

Beautiful Skin

Women, and men, notice the rejuvenating effects of the MB® programme, remarkably, counteracting wrinkles and sagging face and body. Muscle and connective tissue are revitalised while excess fat is being reduced, thus preserving the skin’s elasticity.

The Metabolic Balance® programme addresses:

Food Cravings

Hormone Balance

Arthritic & Rheumatic conditions

Bone health issues

Headaches and migraines

Food Intolerances

IBS/ Poor Digestion

Menopausal symptoms

Sleep disorders/ snoring

Liver/ Gallbladder disorders

General Fatigue & Depression

Cardio & Cholesterol issues

What is included in the MB® Programme?

Coaching over a 12 week period. This includes 6 consultations with Ruth, your qualified therapist – professional guidance and support throughout. You will also have a personal nutrition programme that will accompany you for life. You will vastly improve your general health and wellbeing.

  • Initial 1hr Consultation to discuss what the programme is. If you would like to begin then you will be sent to have your blood taken. I will then take your measurements, height and weight and your start date will be discussed and arranged. Your information is sent for your plan to be created bespoke to you and your blood results.
  • Metabolic Balance Initial 60min session – I present your bespoke plan details so everything is understood and clear for you to follow with ease and clarity. You begin the plan on the arranged start date.
  • A 60min follow up session is arranged for 7-9 days after you start your programme.
  • A 60min follow up session 7 days later, before you start Phase 3.
  • A 60min follow up 14 days later.
  • A 60min follow up 30 days later.

Then you will be truly on your way to your new lifestyle of Metabolic Balance® and feeling the multiple benefits possible via this plan.

For clients who travel a lot – follow up sessions can be done over Zoom video call if time is an issue.

Throughout the programme I am available via email or what’s app for any questions you may have and for continued support. I am also available to speak over the phone at pre-arranged time.

What is the Cost?

1 x Blood test

Metabolic Balance® Plan bespoke to you.

2 x 1hr meetings (including Initial session).

4 x 60min meetings ( follow up sessions mentioned above).

Total: £1050

Metabolic Balance® & Colonic Hydrotherapy Package:

Metabolic Balance® Programme combined with a course of Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions ( 3 or 6, 9 colonic sessions) is also available upon request at an additional charge. This type of package supports you physically, mentally & emotionally throughout the 12 week plan.

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