Welcome to The Cleansing Space

The Cleansing Space is a specially created treatment zone located within Feel Good Balham, SW London and The Light Centre, Belgravia, London’s leading health and wellbeing centre with private facilities for our clients’ exclusive use.

At the Cleansing Space our experienced practitioners have incorporated the most up to date equipment and techniques to provide relaxing Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments in a welcoming and relaxed setting.

We pride ourselves on putting patients at their ease and choose our therapists carefully for their knowledge, training, duty of care and ability to inspire and motivate others.

Located in SW London and Central London, we are conveniently just a few minutes walk from Balham underground station and at The Light Centre, Belgravia, a short walk from Victoria station.

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We Work With Discerning Clients to Design Bespoke Cleanse and Detox Programmes….

Ruth Freeman – Founder

…whether these are to target a specific health condition or to help our patients plan their path towards optimum health and wellbeing. We help them on this journey:

  • With our detailed consultations
  • By getting to know them
  • By regular assessment of their health
  • Through designing appropriate treatment programs
  • By offering friendly expert guidance
  • By choosing a hand-picked range of products to support their treatment programme where necessary
And when we feel their treatment needs extra support we are happy to advise accordingly.

We have a range of specialist practitioners, across a range of therapies, working within our own treatment rooms that we can refer to.

We are a business with a strong ethic. It is to inspire, motivate and, in particular, to empower patients to be able to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Our commitment

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you leave the treatment room. On-going support is available between treatments should you have any questions or concerns. Even long after you’ve completed a bespoke detox or cleanse programme, we offer maintenance support.


At The Cleansing Space we celebrate and feel we have achieved our best result when our patients no longer need us.

This happens because our treatments have worked and the knowledge we have shared has enabled them to make the necessary dietary or lifestyle changes to achieve their optimum health.

But frequently, a ‘ goodbye’ turns into an ‘au revoir’, when our patients return because they enjoy our successful treatments and the care we provide so much.

We don’t mind. To share a patient’s life journey is a privilege and a pleasure.


  • Thecleansingspace Colonic Service


    Up to date equipment and techniques to provide relaxing detox and colonic hydrotherapy treatments at the Light Centre, Belgravia.

  • Thecleansingspace Detox Service


    Effective detox and cleansing programmes to help restore order and return your body to optimum health.

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    A Cleanse Ritual session is unique to you, with each session tailored to your specific needs on the day, so there is no need to worry ahead of the session as to what is right for you.

  • Thecleansingspace Glowwithin Service Center


    An innovative approach to understanding your body, achieving deep cleanse and balance through the benefits of hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy healing.

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, has its roots in ancient times across different cultures and was standard practice in UK doctors’ surgeries and hospitals from the 1920’s to 1940’s, after which medication and surgical interventions became more popular.

Now colonic cleanse treatments have enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity as people enjoy the benefits of this drug-free therapy with outstanding health outcomes.

At The Cleansing Space, our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners have incorporated the most up to date equipment and techniques to provide relaxing detox and colonic hydrotherapy treatments in a specially created space with private facilities for clients’ use.

What is involved in a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment?

Colonic hydrotherapy involves filtered water, warmed to body temperature, gently flushing out the colon following the insertion of a lubricated specially-designed tube, to introduce water and remove waste.  A colonic cleanse in this way helps to remove impacted waste (faeces), indigestible toxins, bad bacteria and excess mucous from the colon.  These unwelcome guests in our colon can cause illness and disease.

The odourless, therapeutic treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes. While the sensations may be new, the procedure is pain free and not discomforting. Virtually all patients report that it is a relaxing and relieving treatment.

For your initial treatment, our highly qualified colonic therapist will undertake a comprehensive consultation at one of our

Some of the Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Some patients have colonic hydrotherapy to help deal with specific health conditions.

Many people who have completed a course of colonic hydrotherapy treatments not only feel good but look great as well.

The elimination of impacted waste matter from the colon along with unwanted toxins and bacteria can have profoundly positive effects on bodily health and well-being.

These include:

Other people may notice in you:

At The Cleansing Space, in additional to the body benefits, we offer: