Welcome to The Cleansing Space

The Cleansing Space is a specially created treatment zone located at The Light Centre Belgravia and at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in West Cornwall with private facilities for our clients’ exclusive use.

At the Cleansing Space we have incorporated the most up to date equipment (gravity water fed system) and techniques to provide relaxing Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments in a welcoming and relaxed setting.

We pride ourselves on putting patients at ease.

Based in Central London, we are conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the local underground stations. Our Clinic at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, West Cornwall is within easy reach of Redruth, Truro, Falmouth, Penzance, St Ives and surrounding areas, with free parking directly outside the centre.


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We Work With Discerning Clients to Design Bespoke Cleanse and Detox Programmes…

Ruth Freeman – Founder

Whether these are to target a specific health condition or to help our patients plan their path towards optimum health and wellbeing. We help them on this journey:

  • With our detailed consultations
  • By getting to know them
  • By regular assessment of their health
  • Through designing appropriate treatment programs
  • By offering friendly expert guidance
  • By choosing a hand-picked range of products to support their treatment programme where necessary
And when we feel their treatment needs extra support we are happy to advise accordingly.

We have a range of specialist practitioners, across a range of therapies, working within our own treatment rooms that we can refer to.

We are a business with a strong ethic. It is to inspire, motivate and, in particular, to empower patients to be able to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Our commitment

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you leave the treatment room. On-going support is available between treatments should you have any questions or concerns. Even long after you’ve completed a bespoke detox or cleanse programme, we offer maintenance support.


At The Cleansing Space we celebrate and feel we have achieved our best result when our patients no longer need us.

This happens because our treatments have worked and the knowledge we have shared has enabled them to make the necessary dietary or lifestyle changes to achieve their optimum health.

But frequently, a ‘ goodbye’ turns into an ‘au revoir’, when our patients return because they enjoy our successful treatments and the care we provide so much.

We don’t mind. To share a patient’s life journey is a privilege and a pleasure.

Services at The Cleansing Space

Colonic Hydrotherapy / Colonic Irrigation


Up to date equipment and techniques to provide relaxing detox and colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

Thecleansingspace Detox Service


Effective Detox and Cleansing Programmes to realign and restore your body to optimum health.

Thecleansingspace Cleanse Service


A Cleanse Ritual session is unique to you, with each session tailored to your specific needs on the day.

Herbal and Coffee Enema


Our Enema menu (Coffee or Herbal) and Probiotic Implants are also available in addition to your colonic treatment to enhance your treatment.

Metabolic Balance® Programme


A 12 week programme for regulating weight naturally and balancing hormones. An ideal solution to gain confidence and balance your weight and wellbeing.



Acupuncture is a form of Eastern medicine which has a long history in China and is growing in popularity in the West.

Cs Massage


Therapeutic treatment for relaxation and to treat muscular pain.



Neck, Back & Face Massage with Moroccan Rose Oil. This relaxing treatment releases tension in your upper body – neck, back and face.

Cs Hopi


Treatment for excess wax in the ears, sinusitis or general blocked sinuses.

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What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, has its roots in ancient times across different cultures and was standard practice in UK doctors’ surgeries and hospitals from the 1920’s to 1940’s, after which medication and surgical interventions became more popular.

Now colonic cleanse treatments have enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity as people enjoy the benefits of this drug-free therapy with outstanding health outcomes.

At The Cleansing Space, our knowledgeable and experienced practitioners have incorporated the most up to date equipment (gravity water fed system)and techniques to provide relaxing detox and colonic hydrotherapy treatments in a specially created space with private facilities for clients’ use.

What is involved in a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment?

Colonic hydrotherapy involves filtered water, warmed to body temperature, gently flushing out the colon following the insertion of a lubricated specially-designed tube, to introduce water and remove waste.  A colonic cleanse in this way helps to remove impacted waste (faeces), indigestible toxins, bad bacteria and excess mucous from the colon.  These unwelcome guests in our colon can cause illness and disease.

The odourless, therapeutic treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes. While the sensations may be new, the procedure is pain free and not discomforting. Virtually all patients report that it is a relaxing and relieving treatment.

For your initial treatment, our highly qualified colonic therapist will undertake a comprehensive consultation at one of our two locations to inform herself of, and understand, your medical history along with any dietary or lifestyle issues.  This is the time when you can also discuss your treatment goals.  Our therapists have a broad knowledge base to help guide you towards these goals and determine your treatment priorities.

At The Cleansing Space we pride ourselves on how our therapists put all our clients at ease. We’re happy to answer any patient concerns or queries, they always maintain clients’ dignity by appropriate placement of towels over the body at all times.

Treatment at The Light Centre or Feel Good Balham begins with the patient lying on their side.  The therapist will firstly lubricate the area before inserting narrow tubing into the back passage to introduce warm, filtered water and start the process of removing waste material.  The patient is then asked to lie on their back while having their abdomen massaged to help the dislodging of impacted faeces, mucous and toxins.

The therapist remains with you throughout treatment to support you and answer any questions or concerns you might have. All equipment is disposable and for single use only.

Treatment is not painful. We recognise that on your first visit to the clinic you may feel anxious and find the sensations involved beyond your previous experience. However, virtually all patients feel comfortable during treatment and enjoy the great health benefits afterwards.

All our therapists have a bank of knowledge at their fingertips to provide post-treatment help and advice. At the end of treatment, your practitioner will provide an assessment and give advice based on what she has noted during your consultation and what she has observed being eliminated during your colonic hydrotherapy session.  For example, she may suggest dietary changes or specific additional supplements.

For all of us at The Cleansing Space, this end of treatment assessment and advice is a hugely important part of your treatment.  We hope the knowledge we share will put you firmly on the path to optimum health, as well as helping you make any lifestyle changes that will significantly improve your well-being.

Why have a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment at The Cleansing Space?

The bowel is not as efficient an organ of elimination as you might think!

A typical colon may be carrying:

      • putrefying food
      • bacteria
      • viruses
      • indigestible chemicals
      • excess mucous
      • encrusted pockets of fermented waste (faeces).

Colonic hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation as it is also known, helps to eliminate these from the body to provide a range of outstanding health benefits (see under Benefits), greater bodily comfort and a feeling of well-being.

Even if you feel healthy and have a regular bowel movement once a day, you may be re-absorbing up to 85% of bowel toxins into your body systems through your bloodstream, which in turn may transport them into your lymphatic and circulatory systems as well as organs such as the lungs and kidneys.

This process, which is called ‘auto-intoxication’, can lead to illness and disease.

Who benefits from Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Patients who are suffering from the following conditions use colonic hydrotherapy because it makes a valuable contribution to them maintaining good health:

Bloated stomach
Chronic Fatigue
Poor circulation

Excess weight gain
Skin problems
Stomach pain
Bad breath
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Food cravings
Abdominal discomfort
Excessive gas
Menstrual problems

Some of the Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Some patients have colonic hydrotherapy to help deal with specific health conditions.

Many people who have completed a course of colonic hydrotherapy treatments not only feel good but look great as well.

The elimination of impacted waste matter from the colon along with unwanted toxins and bacteria can have profoundly positive effects on bodily health and well-being.

These include:

  • Decreased bloating
  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduction of heartburn and indigestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved metabolism
  • Decrease in food cravings
  • Restoring PH balance to the body
  • Improved Immune system
  • Increased assimilation of nutrients to the blood

Other people may notice in you:

  • An improved mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Bright sparkling eyes
  • More energy
  • Shinier hair

At The Cleansing Space, in additional to the body benefits, we offer:

  • High level of support (including out of hours)
  • High level of practitioner training and knowledge
  • A commitment to pass on knowledge to empower
  • A desire to help with change, as appropriate