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Our bespoke detox and cleansing programmes offer you an unrivalled  opportunity to  work with your Cleansing Space therapist to design a programme uniquely suited to your health,  lifestyle, diet and the choices you wish to make to improve or change these aspects of your life.

The bespoke nature of the programme gives you special access to your Cleansing Space therapist over a period of time, during which you will have access to unprecedented support , knowledge and advice which will ensure that you have most effective detox programme available.


The bespoke programme begins with a 1hr consultation session with your expert therapist who will discuss your health history and any current conditions to establish goals for your detox or cleansing programme.

These goals will also include any desired changes you wish to make to your lifestyle, nutritional or dietary habits. She will establish what support you need to achieve these goals and endeavour to give you all the support you need in person, by telephone, skype or email.

Your consultation may be followed by a colonic hydrotherapy treatment (requested at time of booking Initial detox consultation). Advice will be given on how to proceed for the first week of your detox or cleansing programme. You will also leave the treatment room with any products required to begin your detox or cleanse in your first week, along with information about additional techniques to support your cleanse.

The full programme will be presented and discussed with you when you return for your second session. This and subsequent sessions will be of 60 minute duration, including a progress review, programme review if necessary and a colonic treatment if this is part of your bespoke detox plan.

A programme consists of four consultation and treatment sessions, normally spread over a number of months. It can then be renewed if desired. Renewal is most often a good idea as you can ensure that you get treatment across the different seasons of the year which frequently impacts on your health in different ways i.e. in winter your body faces assault from colds, influenza etc.


By the end of your programme, you will feel the rewards of knowing:

  • How to detox and cleanse the body across the seasons
  • Foods and appropriate eating habits that enable your body to cleanse and detoxify
  • The impact of toxins on the body and how to minimise their impact
  • Supplements, detox and inner cleansing products that you can use at home to support your programme
  • Safe ways to cleanse and detox


We believe that our bespoke programmes are unique in the UK in terms of the personal attention you will receive while undergoing a programme.

We choose our therapists for their knowledge, care and attention to detail. You will feel the full benefit of this knowledge and duty of care while you undergo one of these programmes.


Detox and cleansing programmes are not advised if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, suffer cancer, kidney or liver disease or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

Your Cleansing Space therapist will advise you as to the most appropriate approach to detoxing and cleansing according to your circumstances and bodily health.

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