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According to American Holistic Healer and Health Coach, Stacey Licht, the average person can shed approximately 7 to 10 lbs of old faecal waste during a colonic hydrotherapy session.

Licht, creator of ‘FIT’ (Food, Intuition, Transformation) has first-hand experience of the positive benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy (or colon cleanse) to help heal and rebalance her body back to health. Following her personal experience she trained and has worked for over ten years in alternative medicine and now helps clients tackle digestive disorders, Candida, Fibromyalgia, Coeliac disease and much more.

Like many of today’s holistic healers, Licht understands the importance of helping your digestive system to be more effective, thus improving overall health. Because a colon cleanse opens the pathways to detoxification, your body has more chance of healing and protecting itself against disease.

In this fast-track life, even the best of intentions are often side-tracked and many of us end up consuming high protein foods lacking in fibre, often resulting in constipation and bloating. This type of diet also tends to cause acidity – another trigger for many ailments. Regular colon cleansing helps maintain a healthy Ph balance, assisting good health and boosting energy levels.

Because colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle cleansing process using no chemicals and only tepid water, toxins are safely removed from the body, helping to create a healthier environment for good gut health.

A happy side effect to cleansing your inner sanctum is often weight loss. Most people who regularly have colonic hydrotherapy treatment also become more conscious of their eating habits and lifestyle choices. Because of the feel-good factor following a colonic therapy, it is not uncommon to become inspired to drink more water to prolong the cleansing process. Better sleep patterns are usually reported, as well as glowing skin and shiny hair
While a one-off colonic hydrotherapy session should not be considered in isolation as a quick-fix for weight loss, ridding your body of damaging toxins could be the first step to a new, healthier, slimmer you. Most people who ‘discover’ the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and all the advice you are given before and after treatment, wonder why they on earth they hadn’t gone before. The individual attention given to each client during a colonic cleansing session ensures a bespoke treatment every time.

Rather than making the common mistake of focusing on weight loss alone, enjoy renewed vitality and improved health – and just watch your body transform and find its perfect weight!
What have you got to lose?

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