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The Cleansing Space Probiotic 60

Why Choose The Cleansing Space probiotics? The Cleansing Space probiotics supplies a combination of four different strains of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria – Acidophilus, Kefir, Bulgaricus and Bifidum live organisms. Kefir and Bulgaricus were discovered over a century ago as being organisms responsible for traditionally preserved foods such as cheeses and fermented milks. Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria…

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What is Metabolic Balance®? Metabolic Balance® is a healthy weight loss programme based on your blood analysis. It is a scientifically proven programme devised by medical experts with decades of research and development. The plan is tailored to meet your individual needs. Your laboratory test results highlight specific areas that may be addressed through your…

Gluten Free

As we near the end of winter now is a good time to start thinking about cleansing and detoxifying our gut. Your body is actually your best friend and always strives to do the highest good for you at any given time. That is why it is so important to treat your body with respect….


Todays recipe is Quinoa Tabbouleh – this is a quick and easy dish to make which is delicious with fish, chicken or can be eaten on its own. Quinoa is considered a grain, however it is technically the seed of a plant. It is Gluten and Wheat free,  rich in amino acids, highly nutritious, a…

Intolerance or Allergy?

Many people often get mixed up between Food Allergies and Food Intolerance. So I thought what a great topic to blog about and clarify what each one means exactly. Allergic reactions are very common nowadays, with many more of us experiencing allergies than people did thirty years ago. This may well be down to the…

Seasonal Vegetables & Fruit in December

It’s a really good idea to buy food that’s in season whenever you can. It tastes better and tends to be cheaper than food that has travelled thousands of miles to get to you. Imported or farmed produce such as bananas, citrus fruit, salad leaves, onions, cauliflower, cabbages,  supermarket carrots and potatoes are available year round….

Table of vegetables

Each month we will be posting a list of  British Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables: Vegetables: Beetroot, Borlotti Beans, Brocoli, Brussel Sprouts Cabbages (red, white & green), Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Celery, Chard, Chillies Lettuce Onions Parsnips, Peppers, Potatoes, Pumpkins Radish, Rocket Spinach, Swedes, Squashes Turnips, Watercress.   Fruit: Apples, Pears and Quince.

A yellow apple stand apart from the group of red apples. Being Different.

I discovered this list a few months back and found it very helpful to refer to when shopping for various  fresh produce at the Supermarket: The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ will help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic. You can…

Caprylic Acid Capsules

What is Candida? Candida is a fungus, which is a form of yeast, and a very small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines. Its job is to aid with digestion and nutrient absorption but, when overproduced, candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream, releasing toxic byproducts into your…

Pukka Tea Bags

Pukka herbal teas are a great alternative to regular teas. I always recommend them to my clients as they are so amazing and bursting with flavour. The Pukka range of teas is specially blended by a herbalist  named Sebastian Pole, each blend is full of natural flavour and rich in the incredible benefits of organic…

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