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I feel very blessed everyday to have the chance to facilitate people on their journey of taking responsibility for their own health and Wellbeing. I would like to share some testimonials that my clients have kindly taken the time to send me after treatment at The Cleansing Space with the hope that they will encourage anyone suffering with IBS, bloating or digestive disorders that Colonic Hydrotherapy can make a difference.

“Ruth is extraordinary; she can normalise a procedure that could otherwise lend itself to great embarrassment, which would make effective treatment something of a challenge. However her approach reflects her incredible ability to be compassionate, empathetic, immensely intuitive and respectfully direct, all at once, and the result is feeling an amazing sense of calm and strength. I would highly recommend her to anyone for Colonic Hydrotherapy”
Claire H, London

“I have been visiting Ruth for 5 months for Colonic hydrotherapy at the Hale Clinic and can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made for my health. Before starting treatment I was constantly bloated, had chronic IBS and felt emotionally flat. Since starting treatment my stomach is visibly flatter, my IBS is immeasurably better and my mood has lifted immensely. For me the biggest benefit has been a dramatic increase in confidence resulting from being able to wear tight fitted clothing once again. Ruth is an expert in her field and has given me additional lifestyle and dietary advice for in between treatments which have enhanced my digestive wellbeing and keep me pain free. She is a very calm and respectful practitioner which is highly important when you are undertaking a treatment which can initially seem daunting and undignified. I can honestly recommend colonics at The Cleansing Space and Ruth’s fantastic services to anyone who has digestive or bloating issues or is feeling sluggish and heavy. I can’t thank Ruth enough, I was pretty sceptical before starting treatment but I can’t stress enough that this has changed my life and improved my IBS symptoms tenfold.”
CF (28)

Ruth at The Cleansing Space


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