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Client Testimonial January 2016

In December 2014 I was stuck in a rut. Working in a hospital I was working to rehab patients meaning I was putting all my efforts into other people and neglecting myself. I was being bullied by a work colleague leaving me stressed as well as working long hours. On top of this I have had ongoing issues with my bowels since going to Africa 6 years before this. This resulted in long periods of painful constipation, flatulence and resulting in me taking herbal laxatives on a regular basis. I had seen my GP for this a few months earlier who had put me on long term Movicol, which was not successful. Due to the pain and the flatulence I wasn’t going out as much, I would cancel plans with friends and couldn’t even think about getting a boyfriend.

I spoke to a friend about this who suggested I came to see Ruth. She didn’t say what Ruth would do but said that she had helped her hugely in the past.

I went to Ruth a little sceptical but willing to try anything. She took a detailed history and was so friendly that I felt I was able to talk to her about anything. She decided that I needed to have a colonic hydrotherapy there and then as she could see the built up toxins in my skin. I was a little anxious but Ruth put me at ease and talked to me throughout.

I went to see Ruth for a course of 6 colonic sessions with a couple of follow up sessions along with taking probiotics on her advise.
She looked after me through this whole period of time and took a real interest in my life. She felt that I had some allergies so referred me appropriately to another of her colleagues. She would send me follow up texts/emails to check how I was feeling and acted in a professional yet friendly manner throughout.

Since my last session with Ruth my bowels have become more regular with less bloating and flatulence. I am a happier person and more confident in going out which has helped me to meet a fantastic guy.

I would happily recommend friends and family to Ruth with the knowledge that she would look after them with as much care as she showed towards me.

Ruth is a beautiful person both inside and out, and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

SC, London

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