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Natural Solutions to Combat Constipation

Most people have experienced constipation at some point in there lives, it is an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. It is the inability to empty the bowels regularly and fully. I regularly meet clients who come to me for Colonic Hydrotherapy due to Constipation, where they are experiencing ongoing problems on a daily basis. People are often shocked when I explain that the bowels should be emptied between one and three times daily, anything less than this is constipation.

If constipation continues and changes are not made to encourage regular bowel movements this may lead to more serious health problems such as haemorrhoids, diverticular disease, toxic overload and appendicitis. So I can’t stress enough the importance of taking action by making simple changes in ones dietary and lifestyle to improve the body’s elimination processes.

As food passes through your system and finally reaches your Colon, water is absorbed from the food forming stool. Constipation occurs when the Colon is sluggish causing a delay in the movement of stool through the Colon allowing more water to be absorbed. Water can also be absorbed from the Colon due to your system being dehydrated. Leaving stools hard and difficult to pass.

Common causes of Constipation:

  • your system is dehydrated from not drinking enough water
  • high Stress levels
  • lack of physical exercise
  • unbalanced intestinal flora
  • diet may be low in fiber, vegetables, pulses, lentils, fish and poultry
  • magnesium deficiency
  • not taking the time each day to have a bowel movement

Dietary changes to help support regular bowel movements:

  • Increase your intake of filtered water
  • increase your intake of fiber, vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses and lentils
  • increase intake of magnesium rich foods..wholegrains, nuts and supplementation
  • increase your intake of essential fats through nuts, seeds, olive oil and oily fish.

Along with the above dietary changes additional supplementation with Probiotics, Magnesium, soaked Chia Seeds and Psyllium husk can all assist constipation. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a highly effective way to hydrate your system and stimulaties peristalsis within your Colon. This improves the movement of stool through your intestine, encouraging more regular bowel movements. A full consultation is carried out at all Initial Colonic sessions where I review your current diet & lifestyle, then I can advise realistic achievable steps to take towards overcoming any issues you may  have with constipation.

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